Les Motocyclettistes


The shiny asphalt, the roar of the engines, the wind and rain that slap against the jackets…These are the sensations that enthrall Les Motocyclettistes.
Like an exhilarating adventure on a motorcycle, creating truly authentic and quality clothing as well as reviving a certain lifestyle is the passion that drives them.
High and demanding standards are behind their choice of materials and expertise; the authenticity they cultivate is found in the functional cut and perfect drape of their clothing.
Above all, Les Motocyclettistes want to create real clothing for genuine sportsmen.

Pierre Girard


Driven by a demand for quality and desire for elegance, Les Motocyclettistes have combined tradition and know-how, noble materials with controlled designation of origin status and French style to design a line of functional, yet luxurious clothing.

Pierre Girard launched his first collection, which was designed in France and inspired by vintage American and British motorcycle jackets from between the 1930s and 1960s.

Handmade in Japan or France, this line is for men who wish to stay warm and dry while riding, decked out in an authentically refined and elegant style.

Specially crafted for the open road, Les Motocyclettistes motorcycle jackets are made from horse leather and expedition jackets from waxed cotton. The materials are solid, noble, natural and obtain a vintage patina over time. Each piece is fully unique and sturdy.

The leather used is raw, luxurious, majestic and authentic horse leather. Each jacket is made from full grain leather, carefully selected by the Japanese craftsman who tans, cuts and assembles each piece by hand using tried and true techniques and traditional Japanese know-how.

The waxed cotton jackets are entirely hand assembled in France, with English materials world renowned for their high quality weave.

All of the jackets boast simple and elegant cuts that perfectly fit all shapes and sizes. The styles are adjusted, comfortable and sleek. Each detail, including the zippers and buttons are carefully chosen. The insides are made from ring spun cotton with diamond shaped topstitched padding.

The timeless collection by Les Motocyclettistes fully reflects the golden age of motorcycle racing, while going against current consumption trends by offering jackets that are handmade, age with perfection, authentic and timeless.