Pierre Girard en famille sur une moto

The roots of exigence

Driven by a passion for historic brands, Pierre Girard is a diehard classic motorcycle enthusiast.
This desire for authenticity is mirrored in the timeless state of the art leather goods, shoes and clothing for men, which he sold in his Parisian boutique, Rocker Speed Shop, for eight years.

This experience naturally led him to design his own jackets, and found Les Motocyclettistes.

Only the highest of standards
When you are known for having marketed only top of the line products, how can you continue to live up to your reputation?
In terms of leather: choose only the best horse leather tanned in Himeji, Japan by Shinki Shikaku.  Then, have Mister Yoshikazu Takemoto, renowned craftsman from Kansai, sort through and match up the pieces of leather before cutting and assembling the jackets, guaranteeing flawless results.
In terms of cut? Only accept the most elegant and perfect French close-fitting cut with no back seams. For models with shoulder and elbow protection: no external padding, but rather inner lining, which is much more high-tech and classy!
Lining, pockets, zippers and snaps? Only the most solid quality materials are tolerated: thick Japanese twill with diamond shaped topstitching, leather reinforced snaps, high quality zippers…

Aspiring to beauty and usefulness
If we were to sum up these two notions that embody Les Motocyclettistes, we could say: elegance means being simply dressed in quality garments; style means comfortably riding in all conditions and circumstances.